Morso - one of the most efficient combustible systems in the world

Wood stoves and fireplaces are no longer looking and acting like the pot belly stove you saw in the movies or at your grandparents home. Many of the new wood burning and gas burning stoves and fireplaces are efficient and look like a piece of art in your home. They become a centerpiece and a focal point in your home while saving you money and the environment as well.

Our goal is allow you to make an informed decision about which fireplace or stove works for your home and lifestyle. With all of the wide variety of styles and sizes of fireplaces and stoves we will work with you to ensure that your fireplace and/or stove will last a lifetime and will meet your needs and fit in the architecture of your home.

The styles and options are almost limitless when it comes to fireplace and stove designs. If you have a traditional home and wish for a beautiful addition to that family room we have the stove for you. Does your home lose power in the winter often and you wish to have that safety net to always be warm – we have the fireplace for you. Do you wish for that contemporary focal point for that room where you entertain quite often – we have some elegant options for you. You tell us what you are trying to accomplish and let us do the leg work to find the correct style for you. We are here not only to guide you but to educate you. We look forward to working with you.